Trip to Delnice

Trip to Delnice From Split, Croatia

Croatia is one of the more beautiful countries in Europe and there is no doubt about it. The landscapes, beaches, mountains and beaches are simply breathtaking and anything that you want to see will be there waiting for you on your trip to Delnice. If you have a young family and you want to take them on a family holiday to Europe, a trip to the Adriatic can be one of the best ways to do this. There are plenty of things for young children to do on their trip to Delnice and if you book online for a round trip flight, you can also take your family to some of the sights that the city has to offer.

One of the most popular activities that families like to do while on a family holiday to Croatia is to visit the Croatian National Park. The park is not very big and there is a bus service that leaves the international airport at Dubrovnik early in the morning and takes families on a two and half hour drive around the area to the park. One of the main attractions of the park is Pula, a town that is only a couple of kilometres from the park. Here you can spend a lazy afternoon or an energetic day walking around in the beautiful surroundings and you will see many wild animals including crocodiles and hippos.

Another great activity that families like to do when they are taking a trip to Croatia is cycling. A cycling excursion through the Adriatic is probably one of the most scenic ways to enjoy the region and it’s something that even those with a small family can do. Because there are so many bike paths and roads, you can easily take a day off of sightseeing and still see fantastic scenery. One of the most popular cycle trails in the Adriatic is the Flixbus route which goes right through the heart of Dubrovnik and Pula. The flixbus route is one way that you can get to in one hours and 30 minutes and is ideal for families.

One other great activity that families can do while taking a trip to Croatia is visiting the cities of Split, Opatovac and Sibenik. Split is one of the largest cities in Croatia and it has a very interesting history, as does the city of Sibenik, which was the former capital of Croatian state before the breakup of Yugoslavia. Both of these cities have plenty to offer the tourist and as they depart from the city centre, you can expect to be arriving into the city in less than one hour and 45 minutes. From Split, you can go into Opatovac or back to Dubrovnik. On the reverse side, going from Sibenik takes you to and from Dubrovnik.

While in and around the cities of Split, Opatovac and Sibenik, the next stop that you should consider taking is the town of Zagreb. Zagreb is the second largest city in Croatia and is known for its old world charm as well as for the many entertainment opportunities that it provides. This area has grown rapidly in recent years and along with this growth came a number of new hotels. You can expect to be staying at a hotel in Zagreb for approximately one and a half weeks. Traveling in this area will give you ample time to explore Zagreb and the surrounding region. The average trip to Zagreb will get you to in about one hours and thirty minutes and is perfect for families looking for a nice place to spend their vacations.

The next stop that you should consider taking when you are taking a trip to Delnice from Split is the town of Split itself. This beautiful region of Croatia is well-known for its churches and historical sites and although many people travel to the area to take in all that there is to see, there is no reason that you can’t also arrive at your destination without having to spend a lot of time traveling from place to place. You can expect to depart from a Arriva departure point in Split and travel to various points in the region including Opatovac, Sibenik, Split, Cerkno, Vratislava, Kvarner, Cerkno, Pula, Vljetinnica, Kornati and Alanta.