The beautiful island of Cyprus is well known for its archaeological sites and the archaeological remains are world famous. Travel to Kormakitis brings to you a unique opportunity to see one of the oldest sites in Cyprus, X’arakaya. This is also the site of the earliest archeological site in the world. The ruins of the ancient city are some of the best in the world and this makes a very interesting trip.

Trip to Kormakitis

The best time to visit X’arakaya is between the months of May and August. There is the chance that during the hotter months of summer, the ruins may not be as attractive as they used to be. The best time to visit X’arakaya is from May to August during the best month.

The island of Cyprus is a small place but has amazing architecture and history. The best thing is that there are many things to do on the island of Cyprus. The ruins of the city of X’arakaya are a great way to spend an afternoon and get a real feel for this beautiful island. You can also go for a cruise on the lake of Larnaca, which goes down to the town of Kormakitis and Paphos.

The Paphos cruise is also another great way to relax on holiday with your family or friends. The weather is perfect for a family holiday with children because the waters are cool and this means that the beaches are safe for children to play around in. There is the option of staying at one of the many hotels in Paphos which cater for families.

The best time of year to go to Cyprus is between the months of March and May. The island of Cyprus is like a small country and this means that there are different types of weather throughout the year. If you take the time to sit down and plan out a Cyprus holiday then you will be able to find the best time that suits you.

There are many different things to do on the island of Cyprus. It doesn’t matter if you want to enjoy a relaxing day by the pool or you want to try your hand at some underwater research. A trip to Kormakitis is the perfect chance to explore all that the island of Cyprus has to offer. So whether it’s a short break for a few days or a longer holiday there are plenty of things to do on the island of Cyprus.