Trip to Phoenix

I-40 Side Trip to See the Best of Both Cities

The first part of planning a trip to Phoenix is deciding where you will be heading and what you want to see while you are there. You can start off your trip in the capital city of Arizona, Phoenix, and head towards other major metropolitan areas like Las Vegas, Mexico City, Tucson, and El Centro. However, if you like, you can head further a field by taking a hike, bike ride, or a boat ride. Most visitors to Phoenix prefer to head towards the Phoenix International Airport for a layover or connect flight, and then continue their trip by car to their final destination.

Most recent visitors to Phoenix agree that flying into Phoenix and staying in a hotel for the night is often the most economical way to travel. Most western trip takes at least 4 nights; however, longer on highways or interstates with several additional stops, costing almost double what you would pay for an airfare. There are, however, several different ways of obtaining from Phoenix to Las Vegas by car. In this article, we will look into one popular method used by many.

Most people who choose this option to save money each day by eliminating flight costs or greatly reducing their daily expenses while in Phoenix. It is possible to drive from your home to the Phoenix airport and stay at one of the many affordable motels or hotels. Many also choose to rent a car to keep the costs down. These travelers then make a point to explore all the fun locations in the area and lower their overall trip cost.

As discussed before, one of the most popular ways to travel from Vegas to Phoenix is through I DeVilas or I-Marble. This is basically a gigantic canal, filled with boats, buses, and trucks. When traveling through this tunnel, you can expect to pay approximately twenty dollars in taxes for each mile that you drive. The canal is one of the most famous places in the valley and is considered to be a must-see location. Another reason that this place is so popular among Vegas visitors and residents alike is because of its close proximity to the world famous Gilbert Arenas.

When driving from Las Vegas to Phoenix via the Arizona highway, you have the option of taking a trip on the infamous “Red Rock Canyon Road”. This route is a great way to get into the Red Rock Canyon area and is ideal for those who want to see some of the best rock formations in Arizona. On your trip, you will pass through Pinos Del Valle and Nacogdoches. These towns play an important role in the history of American rock and are worthy of several stops during your trip. For a truly unforgettable experience, be sure to take the time to stop at Casa Nast, one of the world’s greatest cultural centers in the desert.

In the case of an I-40 side trip, you have the option of taking a Las Vegas to Phoenix flight and then taking the I-40 east. This would entail travel all the way through Arizona, stopping in Mexico on the way to Las Vegas. Although this is a much longer route, it offers visitors much more, including historical sites, spectacular scenery, and endless miles of scenic road. If you are looking for a unique traveling experience that is unlike any other, then an I-40 side trip is a great way to go.